各位旅客,新城站到了。1 分 41 秒後,我們將帶您走回太魯閣族人的歷史……Ladies and gentlemen, we are now at Sincheng Station. After 1:41 secs, we're going back to the history of Truku……

各位旅客,新城站到了,請準備下車。從影片的 1 分 41 秒開始,我們開始回到太魯閣族人的歷史。

「現在是明治 29 年(1896 年)的冬天,各位旅客下車時,請記得攜帶您的大衣與外套;出站後,請小心您的皮帽與帽子下的頭顱,因為太魯閣族的朋友正在出草。

Ladies and gentlemen, we are now at Sincheng Station. From 1:41 secs, we will lead you back to the long history of Truku people……

“It is the winter in 1896. Ladies and gentlemen, be sure to take all your belongings with you when you leave the train. When leaving the station, watch out your leather hat and your head underneath, because the Truku warriors are hunting head!

就在上個月,一位漢人的太魯閣族小姨子被花蓮港守備隊的日本軍人輪暴,太魯閣族青年氣憤至極,將 13 名日本守備隊員全數出草殆盡。

現在廣播的,是明治 29 年發生的『新城事件』。」

「各位旅客,新城站到了,請準備下車。現在是明治 30 年(1897 年)的春天,各位來太魯閣遊憩的旅客下車後,請在日本人的指揮下,小心行動。




「各位旅客,新城站到了,請準備下車。現在是大正 5 年(1916 年)的秋初,各位旅客下車後,請帶著一份愉快的心情,準備飽覽花蓮平原的水色山光。

9 年前,日本總督佐久間左馬太先生確立了五年理蕃計畫,先後對北勢蕃(泰雅族北勢群)及太魯閣族高壓討伐。然而驍勇善戰的蕃人怎是如此容易?原本計畫五年結束的理蕃計畫因為蕃人的兇猛抵抗而拖延多年;而大正 3 年(1914 年)的 5 月開始,勇猛的太魯閣族人更是讓日本人空前大動員,只能調派優勢的兵火猛攻,甚至讓佐久間左馬太總督親自坐鎮指揮,直到當年 8 月,山區的 3,000 餘太魯閣族勇士才總算全數被平定。

今年 8 月,佐久間左馬太總督因當年討伐太魯閣族人而造成的舊疾逝世,但他的努力,使各位旅客終能安心地飽覽太魯閣峽谷的風光。

現在廣播的,是大正 3 年發生的『太魯閣事件』。」

「各位旅客,新城站到了,請準備下車。從影片的 1 分 41 秒開始,我們將用太魯閣語為各位播報,請各位旅客記得,這裡壯麗的太魯閣峽谷與平原,曾有太魯閣族人一段英勇抗日的歷史……」

圖片來源:Wikipedia(CC Licensed)/影片來源:伊比瓦結

Last month a Truku girl was raped by a group of Japanese soldiers here, which irritated the men of Truku and they then killed all the 13 Japanese soldiers.

What we are broadcasting now is Sincheng Incident in 1896.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are now at Sinchen Station. It is the spring in 1897. Please leave the station following the instructions of Japanese soldiers and be aware of your surroundings when you visit the famous Taroko Gorge.

After Sincheng Incident occurred last year, the Japanese government has sent a punitive expedition of Amis and the soldiers from Keelung and Taipei to oppress the Truku people. However, Liwu River and Taroko Gorge have been where the Truku people live for centuries. How could the other soldiers be accustomed with the battlefields so easily? The Japanese troops will be defeated soon.

So ladies and gentlemen, please be careful of your own safety and do not stay here long……”

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are now at Sinchen Station. It is the autumn in 1916. Please take your time and be ready to see the beautiful scenic view of Hualian and its Taroko Gorge pleasantly.

Nine years ago, the Japanese general Sakuma Samata started the Five Year Program of Ruling Indigene to try to hunt down Northern Tayal people and Truku people. However, how could the brave Taiwanese indigenous people be conquered as easily as the conquistadors expected? The five-year plan was then extended to seven years. Since May of 1914, the brave and fierce Truku people even forced the Japanese people to send more armed forces to Hualian, and even the general Sakuma Samata had to come here to command in the great war. It was not until Aug of 1914 did they finally defeat all the 3,000 Truku soldiers.

This Aug, the general Sakuma Samata died of the old wounds caused two years ago in the war against the Truku people. With his efforts, we can now enjoy the breathtaking scenic view of Taroko Gorge at ease.

What we are broadcasting now is Taroko Incident in 1914.”

Ladies and gentlemen, we are now at Sinchen Station. It is the autumn of 2013. From 1:41 secs of the video, we will broadcast for you all in the language of Truku. Please remember, there are the astonishing Taroko Gorge and some beautiful plains in Hualian. And yet there was a long and inspiring history of a group of Truku people that tried to protect their home against the intruders……”

Photo via Wikipedia(CC Licensed)/Video via 伊比瓦結






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