我們的小寶寶,終究會長大Our Babies Will Grow Up Eventually



Little babies will grow up eventually

We provide them with all the nutrition

Nourishing every single amazing life

Who is looking forward to

Going back to the Nature of Origin


《小寶寶終究會長大》這幅畫裡,阿美族畫家 Lahok 在空白的畫布上,畫出了每位小邦查(Pangcah,「阿美族」)wawa(小孩)的成長過程:



Cima kako?







(Lahok Oning)


Lahok Oning(漢名:曾秉芳)是位來自部落,但獨自在都市生長十幾年的年輕阿美族畫家,一位只要看著空白的畫布,腦子裡就能開始浮現圖案的畫家。

剛開始我詢問 Lahok,這幅畫背後的故事時,Lahok 並沒有在第一時間說明,因為他說,他總希望透過抽象的畫面,以及最多幾句簡單的短述,由觀眾自由去欣賞與理解畫作背後的故事。只是為了讓讀者能更快對他的畫作產生興趣,因此還是硬要他解釋了一些。

就像他自身的背景一樣,許多原住民隻身從部落來到都市,或是自小在都市裡長大,面對非原民的文化壓力,心中的衝突與矛盾便開始因應而生。因此 Lahok 的畫作,常以「人體」與「圓圈」為元素,畫出那些不完整的認同,以及不完整的文化。


如今創作了多年,Lahok 終於要在 10/2 ~ 10/31 舉辦首次個人畫展「原來是我 – 撒拉.午寧 sala oning」,其中 Sala(撒拉)在前,是這位阿美族畫家的母親的名字,而 Oning(午寧)則是他父親的名字,是Lahok 的生命來源,也是他的自我認同。

你也想在 Lahok 的畫作中,找到你對自己的生命體悟嗎?

為了首次個人畫展,Lahok 還將於本週五(10/4)下午舉行開幕茶會(咳咳,聽說現場還有 DJ 喔~興奮 XD),歡迎來和原住民創作新秀交流交流!

  • 活動主題:「原來是我 – 撒拉.午寧 sala oning」 曾秉芳首次個展
  • 展出日期:2013.10.2 ~ 10.31
  • 開幕茶會:2013.10.4(五),下午 16:00 ~ 20:00
  • 活動地點:Okey Dokey 咖啡文創空間(台北市溫州街58巷2號)
  • 粉絲專頁:
  • 官方網站:




圖片來源:Lahok Oning


In the painting “Little Babies Will Grow Up Eventually”, the Amis artist Lahok drew every little Pangcag’s (“Amis”) growing up:

Back to the origin of life, in the middle of the canvas, every newborn Amis child is surrounded by some invertebrate animals which represent the close relationship with them — or the Ocean.

Little babies grow up gradually. Just like you and me, every baby starts to encounter many eyes, the doubts from others, from the whole society, and so he starts to be confused and be thinking:

Cima kako?

Where am I from?

Who am I?

Fortunately, the large green color lump below is Mother Nature that resides in the deep nature of every Amis child, which can always remind him, at some point in the long path of life, that he is from the Nature, and pull him back to the embrazo of it.

So, eventually, these little babies will grow up eventually, and realize,

Yes, I am an Amis.


(Lahok Oning)

Who is the Artist?

Lahok Oning is a young Amis artist who have lived alone in a big city for more than ten years, and is an artist that can see many colorful and interesting pictures from a blank canvas.

In the beginning, Lahok was reluctant to tell me the background story of this picture, “Little Babies Will Grow Up Eventually”, because he always wants people to see his works and to conceive the stories behind freely by themselves.

Just like his own background, many indigenous people leave their home communities and come to big cities for life, for career, when they are still very young. In the big cities, they always face the doubt from the society, and are confused with self-recognition between indigenous and non-indigenous cultures. This is why Lahok always composes his paintings with human body parts and circles to show the incomplete recognition and the incomplete culture of the urban indigenous people.


After working on his works for many years, Lahok eventually launches his first personal art exhibition on Oce 2nd: “It’s Me Eventually — Sala Oning” wherein Sala in the front is the name of Lahok’s mother’s name, and Oning is his father’s name. Sala Oning is the origin of Lahok’s life, and is his self-recognition.

Would you like to seek for more understanding of your own life? Come to check Lahok’s pictures in Taipei City in this Oct!

BTW, there will be an orientation party for the exhibition tomorrow — Do not miss it!



Photo via Lahok Oning


《Mata‧Taiwan》主編 Benson 專用帳號,在支持原民自治與平埔正名的路上,歡迎大家多多批評指教。

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