我們一歲了~生日快樂!!!Happy Birthday to Us!!!

作者: 我是小編

“Maliteng to kiso…”

“Maliteng to kiso……”
(In Amis: “Happy Birthday to You!”)

The Amis singer Suming kept singing Happy Birthday in Amis…… But who on earth gets his birthday today?

“Maliteng to kiso…”

“Maliteng to kiso……”


The Answer: It’s us! It’s “We Love Taiwanese Aborigines”!

Yes, this fan page “We Love Taiwanese Aborigines” was born on Sep 5 last year.

In the beginning, the page was named as something like “The Study of Taiwanese Aboriginal Languages and Cultures…..”, that only anthropologists would like to “LIKE” 😛

And yet we changed the name so many times and, little by little, the number of our fans have grown from 1 person (i.e. ME) to almost 10,000!!! (Actually I wish it could reach 10,000 fans by the page’s birthday, unfortunately……)

One year has passed, and we have held three events as well:

In Mar, we held our first event and brought many people to Central Taiwan to visit the community of Kaxabu, listening the folklores of Kaxabu witches of the Kaxabu elders! (Thanks to Bauke and all the lovely Kaxabu elders!) In Jun, we had four indigenous beauties from Lima, the International Platform for Taiwan Indigenous Peoples, to tell us what and how our Taiwanese indigenous people have contributed and fought for their people in the United Nations! Finally, we came to Aug when we invited Saiviq Kisasa, the Editor-in-Chief of the International Platform for Taiwan Indigenous Peoples, Isak Afo’, and La Cin Han’s Amis teenagers to share the stories that how Amis people traveled from their homeland to urban areas and how could they find their own identity in the urban jungle!

Eventually in the middle of Aug, our website came out: MATA ‧ TAIWAN:http://www.matataiwan.com/

In the past one year, we have seen how beautiful the Taiwanese indigenous cultures are and, the most important, by operating this platform and holding many events we have got to know so many nice and interesting people!

The website’s content is mainly based on those written in our fan page in the past, which provides a better platform for us to place and to edit our articles. Unfortunately, I currently have no time to launch the website in other languages, but I will do it in very soon.

In the future, I’m looking into improving the performance of the website, writing more articles, making an urban indigenous map so that people in city jungles could find a way to get to know these beautiful people more, and, eventually, I wanna collect all the fantastic things about Taiwanese indigenous people around Taiwan and put them all in the website!

Why called MATA ‧ TAIWAN?

The word ‘mata’ is derived from Proto-Austronesian *maCa, meaning “eye(s)”. And so we hope all the world can see the beauty of Taiwan and Taiwanese indigenous people from our MATA!

In the past one year, we appreciated you found us with your eyes……

In the next one year, we invite you to continue seeing the beauty of Taiwanese indigenous cultures with our eyes!

《什麼,你也愛台灣原住民?!We Love Taiwanese Aborigines》




(Photo via YC&Enid (CC Licensed)

答案:Ci 什麼你也愛台灣原住民 啦!!!


「什麼,你也愛台灣原住民?!」就是在去年的 9 月 5 日誕生的!

還記得一開始,這個粉絲團的名字叫什麼「台灣原住民語言與文化 @#!$$(@%!」之類的…… 總之就是只有人類學家會按讚(?)的那一種名字。在好朋友的建議下,才慢慢改成現在這個名字:什麼,你也愛台灣原住民?!(唸的時候表情請誇張,請誇張,卸卸)

創「團」維艱,我們就這樣從一篇發文只有 3 行字,慢慢變成一篇發文你要按三次「……更多」都還讀不完的長篇大論(但發文數也從一天 6 篇變成一天 1 篇 XDDD)。當中歷經許多辛酸血淚,例如寫錯東西被罵,或是文章梗歪掉很難笑,重點是粉絲團的名字有點冷,但鄉親父老還是很相挺,慢慢讓我們從 1 個粉絲,變到現在快一萬人了了了了了!!!!!

…… 其實小編本來偷偷許願,可以在生日時突破一萬人,無奈事與願違 XD(那在我生日前破一萬總可以了吧)


第一場就把大家遠遠拉到埔里聽噶哈巫族的耆老講巫術呢!(「Bauke 和噶哈巫族的鄉親們,愛你們!」)

第二場感謝 Jinumu、Sauljialjui、Sakenge 和 Suliyape 等 Lima 台灣原住民青年團的眾美女帶我們看見台灣原住民在國際舞台上的努力(好的,我知道我欠各位辦手禮 >< )

剛舉辦完的第三場,要感謝《台灣原住民國際訊息平台》的總編輯 Saiviq,還有 Isak Afo’、拉清寒等阿美族的眾 salikaka 不辭辛勞從花東跋涉到台北,由深入淺出(又搞笑)的方式,帶大家重新認識我們周遭的都會原住民!


於是終於在今年八月中,我們粉絲團不小心生出這個網站叫「MATA ‧ TAIWAN」:http://www.matataiwan.com/

相信很多觀眾朋友也都有發現這個網站了~一開始小編是想要解決粉絲團的舊文章很難找到,文章又不好排版的問題,於是生出了這個網站。大家上這個網站看文章,可能常發現會有一堆莫名其妙的英文錯誤訊息(「Error bad connection……」)orz…… 在短期小編沒錢沒時間解決這問題的情況下,請大家先忍耐一下,按個「重新載入」或「reload」就可以解決問題了 ^^”

在未來呢,小編除了會努力寫文章(把積欠的稿單寫完之類的),努力把網站修好,努力把文章搬到網站去,努力生出都會原住民地圖(謝謝 Saiviq 大大給我的新任務),更打算把台灣各部落好吃好玩的東西,都整理出來(小編自己也常常 google 得很累)……


因為 Mata 來自古南島語的  *maCa,在全世界多數的南島語言,從阿美語、達悟語、鄒語,到菲律賓語、馬來語、毛利語、夏威夷語,甚至復活島語,mata 或 maca 等衍生字,都是「眼睛」的意思!

於是,我們希望全世界繼續透過我們的 Mata,看見台灣原住民的美!



《什麼,你也愛台灣原住民?!We Love Taiwanese Aborigines》




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