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跟原住民當好朋友,每個月都可以過年!Have a Happy New Year with Indigenous Peoples All Year Round!

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想念過年的熱鬧氣氛嗎? 好的,只要跟原住民變成好朋友,包你每個月都可以過年! 從春初達悟族的新年、春末布農族的射耳祭,到夏天阿美族、撒奇萊雅族、卑南族、噶瑪蘭族、排灣族、魯凱族的年祭之後(就是你們以為的「豐年祭」啦),緊接著登場的,就是邵族的「換年祭」啦! Hey you, do you miss the happy atmosphere of new year every year? “Why here is only one New Year every year?” No problem, if you get to know more Taiwanese indigenous people and make good friends with them, you could enjoy Happy New Year’S’ almost every month! 跟其他族群不同,世居日月潭湖畔的邵族是在每年農曆 8 月 1 日過年的。邵族人把他們的過年叫 tunkarere lus’an(換年祭)。 今年的 9/4 是農曆七月的最後一天,因此新年就是從 9/5,也就是今天開始的! 就像其他原住民朋友一樣,過年之前的準備工作通常是最忙的:男生要上山打獵;而女生呢?從昨天除夕開始,就要開始春米,準備迎接打獵的男孩子回來過年。接著在農曆 8 月 1 日之後的新年期間,族人要陸續接受長老的祈福儀式、幫年輕人舉行成年禮、族人一起唱歌跳舞、串門子…… 而其中的重頭戲,當然是昨晚除夕的邵族舂杵音! 為了迎接打獵的男生回來,邵族的媽媽們會在頭目和祭司的帶領下,在公廨前的廣場,圍成圈,大家一起舂米。每個人的木杵都長短不一,發出的舂米聲就這麼此起彼落,異常悅耳,就變成邵族有名的新年杵音了。 現在就來聽聽看,邵族媽媽們美麗的杵音: 聽說這些杵音,可以撫慰在山上狩獵的男人的心! 只是在政府與財團滅族式的 BOT 案尚未落幕的陰影下,邵族人今年的杵歌,卻似乎多了許多不安的氛圍…… 全世界邵族只剩下不到 800 人,未來下一代的邵族小孩,是否還能在自己家鄉聽到美麗的杵歌?還是只能花錢到星級飯店裡去過年呢 🙁 …… 什麼,日月潭 BOT 事件懶人包?!有的有的,小編已經寫好,只是還在給熟悉此案的族人檢查中,檢查後就會分享給大家! 在這之前,任何日月潭 BOT 案的最新進度,請別忘了收看「搶救邵族聯盟」的消息更新喔! 搶救邵族聯盟:https://www.facebook.com/groups/thaonationassembly/ (圖片來源:Leonard Chien(CC Licensed)) From the new year of Tao in early Spring, Bunun’s Ear-Shooting Ceremony in late Spring, Amis, Sakizaya, Pinuyumayan, Kebalan, Paiwan, and Rukai’s Harvest Ceremonies in Summer…… And what’s the next? Thao’s New Year in early Autumn! Different from the other peoples, the Thao people’s New Year takes place from the first day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar, and they call it ‘tunkarere lus’an’, which literally means “the time to change a new year”! This year, the Thao’s new year is from 5th Sep, i.e. today — Happy Thao’s New Year! The preparation before a new year ceremony is usually the heaviest for almost every indigenous people. For Thao, the men have to go hunting before the ceremony, and the women pound rice to welcome the men every New Year’s Eve. After the New Year, many rituals will be held to celebrate the New Year and for blessings as well. There will be rites of passage for the young people. And then they will sing and dance together, or go visiting their family members or friends…… And surely the highlight of the Thao’s New Year is the famous Pestle-Pounding music of Thao! In order to welcome the hunters, Thao women will circle up in the yard in front of their ancestral spirits’ temple and, led by the chief and the priests, pound rice with pestles. As the length of each one’s pestle varies, the sounds made vary, too. And so it becomes the famous Pestle-Pounding music of Thao:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9L4aeXJID4 However, as the notorious BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) issue that the tourist bureau would like to grant the priviledge to a Hong Kong-based hotel operator to build the biggest hotel in the traditional territory of Thao by the Sun Moon Lake, the sounds of the pestles seem more gloomy this year…… Will the children of Thao still be able to hear the Pestle-Pounding music in their homeland, or they will have to pay to hotels to enjoy their “happy” New Year in the future?   (Photo via Leonard Chien(CC Licensed))]]>