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自洪水中救出祖先文化的鄒族勇士 PasuyaPasuya – the Brave Warrior

by Benedict

他來自鄒族的頭目家族,在部落裡是個名聲響亮的名人,他是巴蘇亞(Pasuya)。 就像鄒族神話裡那位能拔起一座山的偉大勇士巴蘇亞一樣,這位巴蘇亞在年輕時,也曾是位傑出的運動員。Pasuya is the brother of the former chief and is an important dignitary in Tsou society. Like his mythical namesake in Tsou legend (Pasuya, a mighty warrior, who was strong enough pull down mountains), this Pasuya was an accomplished athlete in his youth.   他曾是鉛球冠軍 -- 據說呢,他至今還是台灣國軍的手榴彈最遠投擲記錄保持人!他說他能夠在工地工作時,輕鬆地拉動超過 200 公斤的混凝土。除了他人盡皆知的大力氣以外,巴蘇亞還有副好歌喉,曾遠赴法國演唱鄒族傳統歌謠! 除了祭典或表演,巴蘇亞平常不輕易以傳統服飾示人,但這次很幸運,他自願為我換上他的熊皮頭飾,拿出他的老煙斗,以及有貝殼裝飾的煙盒 -- 對於住在山區的鄒族人來說,貝殼來自遙遠的大海,因而被視為貴重之物。

當台灣史上最嚴重之一的莫拉克颱風於 2009 年襲台時,里佳部落被嚴重破壞,聯外交通幾乎中斷,造成許多生命財產的損失。而當時巴蘇亞仍盡其所能地自洪水中救出了許多鄒族祖先的珍貴物品,至今仍安置在他家。 相機:Leica M-E 鏡頭:Voigtlander 35mm f/1.2, Leica 90mm Elmarit f/2.8


Benedict Young Benedict Young 是位熱衷於各國文化及音樂,來自英國 Bristol 的自由攝影師。Bristol 是一座有著英國鄉間閑適,並且夾雜著非洲-加勒比海及印度文化氛圍的迷人城市。Benedict 就在此出生,並由思想創新且支持他的雙親,還有周圍豐富的藝文音樂陪伴他成長。 四歲那年,Benedict 全家搬遷至奈及利亞。這是他人生第一次的海外生活。自有記憶以來,Benedict 的思考片刻就都充斥著藝術與音樂,並在之後的人生轉變為對攝影及各國音樂文化的熱情。 Benedict 與妻子於 2008 年首次到訪台灣,在此發現福爾摩沙如此迷人卻不被外人所知的文化。近來 Benedict 開始注意到台灣原住民族文化的豐富,並希望能夠散播原民文化的美到全世界。  



圖片來源:Benedict Young
He was a shotput champion and reputedly still holds the Taiwanese military record for the longest distance grenade throw. He also says he could lug over 200Kg of concrete with ease when working in construction. In addition to his renowned strength, he has a fine singing voice and has performed traditional Tsou music as far away from home as France. Loath to don his traditional garb just for show rather than during a ceremony or performance, I was lucky that he spontaneously decided to put on his bear hair hat, traditional pipe and shell adorned tobacco case (as the Tsou are a mountain tribe, shells were always considered precious as they come from the sea, which is so far away from were they reside).

When typhoon Morakot – one of the severest in Taiwan’s history – ravaged the country in 2009, Lijia village was devastated and left cut off from the rest of the country. At that time, many died and property was destroyed. Pasuya did his utmost to rescue the Tsou’s ancestral treasures from the raging flood waters. Most of them still reside at his house today. Camera: Leica M-E Lenses: Voigtlander 35mm f/1.2, Leica 90mm Elmarit f/2.8

About the Photographer

Benedict Young Benedict Young is a freelance photographer with a passion for global culture and music. Born and raised in Bristol, UK – a city that is a heady mix of laid back West country England and Afro-Carribean and Indian culture – he grew up with creative and supportive parents and surrounded by culture, art and music. Aged 4, his family moved to Nigeria, where he gained his first experience of living abroad. From as young as he can remember, art and music consumed his every thought, which later developed into a passion for photography and music cultures around the world. Benedict visited Taiwan for the first time in 2008 with his wife, where he has found it fascinating discovering the culture of the country, which is virtually unknown in his homeland. Recently, after becoming aware of the rich culture of Taiwan’s indigenous people he has started to focus his energies on making the beauty of Taiwan’s aboriginal culture more known worldwide.  

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