Language revival

  • 西拉雅語只是睡著了,請和我們一起喚醒它!

    作者: Steven Crook
    作者: Steven Crook

    2005 年的夏天,當時還在佛羅里達大學攻讀博士的黃駿跟家人一同參觀了位於東台灣的國立臺灣史前文化博物館,希望可以學到更多關於台灣史前人類的知識。但行程最後,黃駿心裡卻有些許困惑……“Although no one today speaks Siraya natively, the variety of Southern Min I and my Siraya family and friends speak employs several Austronesian linguistic features not found in Standard Southern Min. Therefore, ‘completely Sinicized and extinct’ is an overstatement,” he states in his thesis.

    Believing that fragments of Siraya “persist in a modified form in Southern Min,” Huang began searching for information about the language……

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