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19 世紀的蘇格蘭攝影師:平埔原住民有魔法,讓冷水加上神祕種子,就變成好吃的魔法果凍!Scottish Photographer: Oh Taiwanese Indigenous Magic Jelly, I think I fall in love with you!

1871 年,來自蘇格蘭的知名旅行攝影師 John Thomson 來到現在高雄甲仙、木柵一帶,拜訪人情味超濃的西拉雅族朋友(這裡應該屬於大武壠族),吃到了一種平埔朋友的「魔法果凍」!

Thomson 驚訝地說:


到底這些「魔法果凍」是什麼???In 1871, John Thomson, the famous Scottish photographer, came to Southern Taiwan and visited various local Sirayan or Taivoan communities, where the friendly Plain Indigenous people treated him a kind of “magic jelly”!

Thomson said surprisedly:

What kind of magic have these indigenous people cast and transformed the tiny seeds in the cold water into these delicious amber jellies!

What were these “magic jellies”?