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Tminun,織布吧!織出美麗的彩虹,是我們彩虹民族如何也無法抹滅的永恆印記……Tminun, let’s weave a rainbow on the face! It’s the eternal mark of we Truku that can never be removed!

這是日治時期,日本人在 20 世紀初的作品,由攝影師拍攝後,再讓人在玻璃底片上塗上鮮豔的顏色。

台北的赤岡商會在 1920 年出版這件作品的當時,太魯閣族人已經被規定不能紋面;不能說太魯閣語,要說日語;不能穿族服,要穿和服;不能打赤腳,要穿木屐。

因此,左側那位身穿和服的少女,外表已經幾乎和尋常日本女孩無異,僅剩下額頭上那道日本帝國抹不去的刺青,以及和服衣下的血液,透漏著她是 utux(祖靈)的孩子。This is an artwork by some Japanese artist in the early 20th century, who painted beautiful colors on the glass plates after the photographer finished the photographing.

When the Taipei-based Japanese publisher of the works released them in 1920, Truku people, whom the girl in the photos belongs to, had been forced to stop face tattoo; no speaking Truku but only Japanese; no wearing traditional costumes but only kimono; no baring feet but put on Japanese clogs.

Therefore, the girl on the left-hand side looked almost the same as a common Japanese girl, only the tattoo on her forehead that the Empire of Japanese could not remove spoke that: “I am a child of Utux (“ancestral spirit” in Truku)”!