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自洪水中救出祖先文化的鄒族勇士 PasuyaPasuya – the Brave Warrior


就像鄒族神話裡那位能拔起一座山的偉大戰士巴蘇亞一樣,這位巴蘇亞在年輕時,也曾是位傑出的運動員。Pasuya is the brother of the former chief and is an important dignitary in Tsou society. Like his mythical namesake in Tsou legend (Pasuya, a mighty warrior, who was strong enough pull down mountains), this Pasuya was an accomplished athlete in his youth……


19 世紀的蘇格蘭攝影師:平埔原住民有魔法,讓冷水加上神祕種子,就變成好吃的魔法果凍!Scottish Photographer: Oh Taiwanese Indigenous Magic Jelly, I think I fall in love with you!

1871 年,來自蘇格蘭的知名旅行攝影師 John Thomson 來到現在高雄甲仙、木柵一帶,拜訪人情味超濃的西拉雅族朋友(這裡應該屬於大武壠族),吃到了一種平埔朋友的「魔法果凍」!

Thomson 驚訝地說:


到底這些「魔法果凍」是什麼???In 1871, John Thomson, the famous Scottish photographer, came to Southern Taiwan and visited various local Sirayan or Taivoan communities, where the friendly Plain Indigenous people treated him a kind of “magic jelly”!

Thomson said surprisedly:

What kind of magic have these indigenous people cast and transformed the tiny seeds in the cold water into these delicious amber jellies!

What were these “magic jellies”?


山豬:「加倍奉還…… 不,我們要你百倍奉還!!!」Wild Boars: “We’ll return double the pain…… No, 100 times the pain to you!!!”

最近半澤直樹先生的「加倍奉還」非常紅,非常厲害,厲害到可以叫上司跪在地上跟他磕頭(啊,透漏劇情了)。但你知道 400 年前,有一群山豬的「百倍奉還」,可以把一個鄒族的部落滅村嗎!


「加倍奉還…… 不,我們要你百倍奉還!!!」“To you, I’ll return double the pain!!!”

The expression has been so popular among Japanese and Taiwanese this summer, as the the fictional banker Hanzawa Naoki in the self-title Japanese TV drama “Hanzawa Naoki” has been so popular in the two countries.

In the drama, the banker step-by-step avenges on his boss for killing his father technically. But now, we’re sharing a fable of the Cou people, wherein a sounder of wild boars took revenge on Cou ancestors of killing their leader!

Wild boars: “We will return double the pain…… No, to you, we will return 100 times the pain!!!”

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北部中秋節一直下雨,看不到月亮啦!我要看月亮我要看月亮…… 月亮快踹共!(敲碗

…… 月亮不見了,以前的原住民都怎麼料理這種情形呢?Remember? Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival in Taiwan when everybody is busy doing barbecue and watching moon!

…… Unfortunately, it rains a lot all around Northern Taiwan, and so most people cannot see the Moon tonight…… So how did the Taiwanese indigenous people always do to ask the Moon to show up?


66 個涼亭,是茶山部落數也數不清的熱情與分享

11 號腳踏車,是華爾街上的行人忙碌
22 朵玫瑰花,是香榭道上的戀人雙雙對對
33 年之後,是我們再一次沐浴在肯亞的獅子座流星雨下
44 歲那年,是倫敦最憂鬱的年齡
55 個 5555,是潑水節的歡笑合不攏嘴
66 個涼亭,是茶山部落數也數不清的熱情與分享11 號腳踏車,是華爾街上的行人忙碌
22 朵玫瑰花,是香榭道上的戀人雙雙對對
33 年之後,是我們再一次沐浴在肯亞的獅子座流星雨下
44 歲那年,是倫敦最憂鬱的年齡
55 個 5555,是潑水節的歡笑合不攏嘴
66 個涼亭,是茶山部落數也數不清的熱情與分享